Diffraction and Photography

This is my 1st post here... I think it will be much more useful than the classic "Hello World".

I was wondering what’s the best aperture for my favorite photography subject:land/cityscapes… Probably F8, perhaps F11… F8 is probably what old photographers would pick in order to have a sharp image without risking DoF.

Well, not an easy answer, it depends on the lens you are using, with a APS-C sensor the magic aperture should be at a bigger aperture (small F number), but where is this point?

Go check that sweet point at http://www.photozone.de and read about MTF (resolution) of the lens you are considering for your next shot! :)

I’ve found my sweet apertures are somewhere between F/4 and F/8 but, as always, YMMV.

Want to read theory about Diffraction? Please go here.

PS: Of course you can not always USE that sweet aperture, it will depend on the available light… if the sun is really really doing his thing then you will need an ND filter in order to use a bigger aperture, etc.

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